Abridged 2010 Emmy Thoughts in Pictures (and a few words)

What a show! For the first time in years, the Primetime Emmy Awards were an exciting, entertaining, interesting show to watch. Shows that deserved to win won (Modern Family, Mad Men), actors who’ve been due for a while finally got their shot (Aaron Paul, Jim Parsons) and there were actually some surprise winners (I’m still trying to figure out who or what an Archie Panjabi is). Perhaps it’s because I am still a 14-year-old fangirl at heart, but I thought Jimmy Fallon did an excellent job hosting, with the right mixture of his bizarre Late Night humor (his intro for – and subsequent hugging of – Tom Selleck) and his obvious overall enthusiasm for television (the opening, his musical farewells to 24, Law & Order and Lost). (And seriously, that opening? Kind of made my life tonight. Hurry and go YouTube it before they take it down, folks, it was ah-mazing.) The only real bummer of the night (besides COCO losing!) was the Miniseries/Movie segment which went on for about 1300 years (or like, 45 minutes).

If (for some reason) you’d like to read my real-time reactions to the Emmy events, you can see what I posted on Twitter (beware there’s probably a lot of ALL CAPS. I was excited.); otherwise, continuing the tradition of my old Xanga blog, I now present:

Crystal’s Abridged 2010 Emmy Thoughts in Pictures

These winners made Crystal happy:


These winners didn’t really affect Crystal so she was like, “OK, whatevs.” :

Crystal doesn’t even watch their shows and was still super excited for:

This winner totally surprised Crystal even though she considers herself a super TV connoisseur:

 Crystal found these portions of the program to be the most enjoyable:


Crystal felt like walking down to 7-11 to buy cupcakes during these parts:


Crystal found these people to be visually exciting:


Crystal thinks this heroic hero is heroic and therefore should’ve won an award and stuff

This is totally how Crystal looked/felt when the heroic hero pictured above did not win:


Crystal thinks these people are usually super fierce but chose some mighty strange gowns this year:


Crystal thinks these children are amazing and are the future of television:

Thanks for reading! Let me know your abridged 2010 Emmy thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Abridged 2010 Emmy Thoughts in Pictures (and a few words)

  1. “Crystal found these people to be visually exciting”

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud in a building full of people.

    That kid Rico that plays Manny on Modern Family was a little pimp as usual.

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