Crystal’s Top 25 Films of 2010

I really have no excuse for not posting this sooner. It’s stayed mostly untouched in my blog’s queue for over a year now, even though I finished the actual list itself before 2010 was even over. But as much as I enjoy procrastinating, I also quite enjoy finishing things I’ve started so I am still going ahead with this list even though it is wildly irrelevant now. What follows is my Best of 2010 list, minus the commentary. Because let’s be real, you’ve probably seen all these movies by now anyways and if I had to sit here and write about 25 different movies that are 2 years old, this would NEVER get done. The intro remains intact because it was already finished and I like to have my movie totals every year. Apologies for my laziness and many thanks if you care enough to click.

Though it didn’t seem like it at first, 2010 ended up being an outstanding year for cinema. The good stuff didn’t turn up until about halfway through the year and the truly outstanding films didn’t hit us until late in the year but once the going got good, it stayed pretty consistent.

Every year, I like to give my movie totals: how many trips I made to the theater and how many different movies I saw. 2010’s total is a bit more complex than years past. Technically I made 53 trips to the cinema and saw 42 different films (besting my previous record from the year before: 41 trips and 31 films). However, of the 42 films I saw, 11 of those pre-dated 2010. 10 were the Best Picture Oscar nominees I saw at the AMC Best Picture Showcase and the other was the 25th anniversary revival screening of Back to the Future that I attended in November.

And yes, of those 53 trips I made to my local theaters, 13 of them were to see Scott Pilgrim. ūüôā

Crystal’s Top 25 Movies of 2010

25. Somewhere (Dir: Sofia Coppola)

24. MacGruber (Dir: Jorma Taccone)

Four Lions (Dir: Chris Morris)

Date Night (Dir: Shawn Levy)

Kick-Ass (Dir: Matthew Vaughn)

20. Jackass 3D (Dir: Jeff Tremaine)

19. Cyrus (Dir: Jay & Mark Duplass)

18. Never Let Me Go (Dir: Mark Romanek)


17. I Love You Phillip Morris (Dir: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa)

Get Him to the Greek (Dir: Nicholas Stoller)


15. Buried (Dir: Rodrigo Cortes)

14. Exit Through the Gift Shop (Dir: Banksy)

13. The Kids Are All Right (Dir: Lisa Cholodenko)

12. Tangled (Dir: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard)

11. How to Train Your Dragon (Dir: Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois)

10. 127 Hours (Dir: Danny Boyle)

9.¬†The King’s Speech¬†(Dir: Tom Hooper)


8. Inception (Dir: Christopher Nolan)


7. True Grit (Dir: Joel & Ethan Coen)


6. Blue Valentine (Dir: Derek Cianfrance)


5. Easy A (Dir: Will Gluck)


4. Toy Story 3 (Dir: Lee Unkrich)


3. Black Swan (Dir: Darren Aronofsky)


2. The Social Network (Dir: David Fincher)


1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Dir: Edgar Wright)

Come on, like you didn’t know this already.


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