About Me

9941609-115539228_42-s1-v1Crystal was born on a cold December night in 1985. (It might not have been cold. I mean, it was December but it was also Southern California so it could’ve been like 80 degrees.) Crystal has been an egghead since day one and began reading at the age of 3. The first book she read out loud was the TV Guide (seriously). This is fitting since Crystal has been obsessed with entertainment media since she can remember. She was raised on a steady diet of MTV, VH1, Disney Channel (back in the good ol’ days of MMC and Kids Incorporated) and Nick at Nite.

Immediately following the first act of The WB’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer in March 1997, Crystal decided she wanted to become a writer. Her writing career unofficially began much earlier, as she wrote her first original story at age 4. An untitled piece, it told the tragic tale of a dog and a cat who fell in love and were thus shunned from society because of their interspecies romance. (That was the first and last time Crystal took on politics.) She also honed her writing skills by dabbling in 90210 and Clueless fan fiction (she so wishes she was kidding). At the age of 14, Crystal learned that Tina Fey had become the first female head writer in the history of Saturday Night Live. She has crushed on/aspired to be Tina Fey ever since.

In high school, there was a boy. He introduced Crystal to a world filled with opinions, cyber-flirtation and eventual heartbreak. It was called Xanga. While the boy didn’t remain in Crystal’s life, her blog did (archived here!) and she quickly became accustomed to posting hyperbolic statements disguised as reviews of her favorite TV shows at the time such as Gilmore GirlsThe OCThe Office and Arrested Development. From 2004-2010, fun was had, friends were made and over 300 blogs were published. But alas, all things must come to an end and in 2010, Crystal decided she needed a fresh start and she sought blogging refuge elsewhere. (First an uninspired attempt at Blogspot and now a hopefully more productive endeavor here at WordPress.)

bitmoji-20160208081251Crystal was a nerd in high school. You probably wouldn’t have hung out with her. She was pretty weird. And sarcastic. Like a less approachable Daria. Crystal does not have a league of evil ex-boyfriends, though she does have a male Envy Adams-esque figure that needs to be dealt with eventually. Crystal is fairly certain she isn’t interested in marriage or kids. Unless it’s Jason Segel, Edgar Wright or Jon Hamm asking. She would be willing to hear them out.

Crystal hopes to soon finish her long-sought-after degree in media studies and creative writing at a local college. In her spare time, she watches too much TV, listens to too much Top 40 (once a teenybopper, always a teenybopper) and goes to the movies. A LOT. (Movie diary available on Letterboxd!) She also tweets and does weird things involving GIFS on Tumblr.

Final factoid: Crystal’s oft-used screen name “Talentedwreason” is “Talented With Reason” with a few letters shaved off for websites who get angry at long usernames. This name was chosen in high school (which will become obvious in a second) and taken from a line in a Dashboard Confessional song.



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