Crystal’s Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2014

2014 has been fairly solid for movies so far. I mean, The Lego Movie was miraculous, Veronica Mars lives again and The Raid 2 exists. (Don’t get me started on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. No, seriously, don’t get me started. I can and will talk about that movie for hours.) Last year’s summer movie season was a bit disappointing for me but I am confident that 2014’s crop is basically unimpeachable. (Aaaaand let’s hope I didn’t just jinx our entire summer, guys.)



Quips, Quibbles and Witticisms Courtesy of the 2013 Emmy Nominations

Early Thursday morning, I upheld my tradition of staying up all night (because why go to bed early? The delirium of exhaustion makes my commentary even funnier!) and overreacting to the Emmy award nominations. Apparently I haven’t given a proper analysis to the nominees for a couple years but I studied for this year’s nominations harder than I studied for most of my college exams so read on for one of my patented long-winded, overly emotional and mostly biased analyses.

Abridged 2010 Emmy Thoughts in Pictures (and a few words)

What a show! For the first time in years, the Primetime Emmy Awards were an exciting, entertaining, interesting show to watch. Shows that deserved to win won (Modern Family, Mad Men), actors who’ve been due for a while finally got their shot (Aaron Paul, Jim Parsons) and there were actually some surprise winners (I’m still trying to figure out who or what an Archie Panjabi is). Perhaps it’s because I am still a 14-year-old fangirl at heart, but I thought Jimmy Fallon did an excellent job hosting, with the right mixture of his bizarre Late Night humor (his intro for – and subsequent hugging of – Tom Selleck) and his obvious overall enthusiasm for television (the opening, his musical farewells to 24, Law & Order and Lost). (And seriously, that opening? Kind of made my life tonight. Hurry and go YouTube it before they take it down, folks, it was ah-mazing.) The only real bummer of the night (besides COCO losing!) was the Miniseries/Movie segment which went on for about 1300 years (or like, 45 minutes).

If (for some reason) you’d like to read my real-time reactions to the Emmy events, you can see what I posted on Twitter (beware there’s probably a lot of ALL CAPS. I was excited.); otherwise, continuing the tradition of my old Xanga blog, I now present:

Crystal’s Abridged 2010 Emmy Thoughts in Pictures


Quips, Quibbles and Witticisms Courtesy of the 2010 Emmy Nominations

If there’s anything that can break me out of a blogging funk, it’s the Emmys (or as I like to call it: the Superbowl for TV nerds). While I certainly don’t expect the 2010 ceremony to even come close to topping last year’s awards (Mad Men & 30 Rock continued their winning streaks, LORD WHEDON won his first trophy, and oh yeah the show was hosted by God, uh, Neil Patrick Harris), they definitely have a good start. In an attempt to A) appeal to younger viewers and B) make you forget that had he not been fired from his Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien probably would’ve hosted this year’s ceremony, NBC has tapped Jimmy Fallon to host. While this decision does seem a bit premature, Fallon’s take on Late Night has often proved to be innovative, creative and most importantly, entertaining so I am excited to see what he brings to the show.

In Which Crystal’s July 18th Movie Reviews Happen in October

Back in the old days of my Xanga blog, July 18th was the arbitrarily chosen official date for my to post my unofficial reviews of the year’s movies I’d seen so far. I’d been hoping to carry on that tradition on this new blog, but various factors beyond my control (illness, family vacation, inconsiderate landlords who give you less than 24 hours notice when he’ll be doing repairs that require you to leave your home for days, etc) derailed that plan unexpectedly this year.

HOWEVER, the majority of this post was written pre-July 18th and I don’t like change, so for all intents and purposes, we’ll consider the July 18th tradition alive and well. (So obviously all of the following stats & reviews are only up until July 18th. Because otherwise the majority of this would be discussing Scott Pilgrim and honey, that would make this a much longer and much more hysterical post.)